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If we're going to work together,
there's a few things you should know

I'm always re-arranging things. I'm a big fan of writing lists. I like the city more than the beach. I only ever use black pens and will always carry at least three in my bag. Sometimes they leak. I'm usually the first to smell freshly-printed paper. Restaurants are my happy place. I'm a massive nerd when it comes to coffee. Bad typography upsets me. I don't use spiral-bound notebooks, particularly ones with lines. I like the sound of the word 'haberdashery'. I love lamps. I don't enjoy red and brown foods mixed together and, as such, am reluctant to eat mushrooms in a tomato-based sauce. I can usually find calm amidst chaos which is convenient.

If none of the above freaks you out, get in touch.

The great collaborators

Every working woman needs a pit crew like this one.



Partner in crime.
Music guy.

Is there anything this guy can't do (dancing aside)? He plays the tunes and makes the dinner. He handles the computer and synthesiser repairs. He also designs things and is quite handy with the PhotoShop and AfterEffects buttons. 



Client relations.

Nothing says 'welcome to the workplace' like a massive, barking dog. He's probably more afraid of you than you are of him but you wouldn't know it. Once you're safely inside though, he's all love. Particularly if you've got food.




This cat is all over everything. Literally. She's usually found sleeping all over the paperwork and is particularly adept at locating my freshly-washed black clothes. Fond of long walks along my computer keyboard, she's a very helpful cat indeed. 

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